Therapy is provided in the privacy and comfort of your home or hotel.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) 

Pre and Post-Op Recovery Program

  • *Shortened Recovery Time
  • *Reduction of Swelling
  • *Scar Minimization
  • *Pain Management
  • *Fibrosis Reduction
  • *Eradicates Bruises Quickly
  • *Shed Excess Fluid Weight


A gentle massage like modality created by Dr. Vodder in Europe nearly a century ago has improved the lives of individuals every day. 

Originally designed to treat facial conditions, the modality was discovered to promote healing, reduce scar formation, and research has shown that it benefits over 40 conditions. 



The focus of MLD is on the lymph vessels just below the skin's surface that contain your natural healing cells. 

Become a Younger You!